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King Richard
Little did we know that a tennis-family drama with Will Smith (Oscar 2022) could be quite so entertaining. "A Grand Slam win for Will Smith.” Knut Elstermann
King Richard
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His daughters Venus and Serena were still toddlers when their father Richard Williams had already devised a detailed plan to propel them to the apex of world tennis. Given that Compton, California is not the sort of place that churns out tennis champions, they face innumerable obstacles. Yet Richard is unrelenting. Relying on his unwavering determination and unconventional methods, he introduces his daughters to the niceties of a game that he himself has never played and grapples with the age-old constraints of race, money and class. "Richard is flawed, never villainous or heroic, and rarely follows his own fervent advice to be humble. You leave in awe of what he accomplished, but not admiring the whole man. Few biopics dare to have layers anymore.” New York Post
2:25 h | FSK age rating 12 years
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